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What can you expect?

People who decide to consult with a Naturopath are almost always on pain island. My aim is assist my clients move from pain island to pleasure island. To achieve this I provide my clients with the knowledge and skills to improve their own health. I don’t fix people, but I do provide you with knowledge, information and a plan to fix yourself. This is your life and you should maintain ownership as much as possible, with assistance along the way. Many people have been sick for months, years and decades, often giving control of their health to others. Accordingly it is realistic to expect that it can take days, weeks and months to regain the control and achieve better health depending on commitment, having an open mind and motivation. Some clients experience an immediate improve in their health and symptoms upon making simple changes and go on to achieve a complete resolution to their health concerns. Other clients experience slower change which requires constant effort and commitment to their treatment plan. Which category you fall into however, if you are keen to create change – and change is always necessary to achieve improvement – then you won’t be disappointed in your efforts. Change is always rewarded. One of the greatest rewards is regaining control of your own health.