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I began seeing Karen around 12 months ago. When I presented to Karen I was fatigued, was in chronic pain and suffered irritable bowel. Karen listened and addressed all of my health needs in her treatment plan. Karen also addressed foods which might be causing inflammation.
I was very comfortable with Karen's treatment plan. Karen explains all of her methods. I value her holistic approach.
I enjoy Karen's newsletters, Facebook information and emails re health information and events.
Karen recently read out my symptoms from 12 months ago. And I am so happy to testify that all of those symptoms have subsided! I continue to see Karen as I believe our health is important and forever changing. Karen regularly reviews where I am up to with my health and addresses the current needs that I have.
It feels good to feel good! Thanks to Karen!

KS | King Creek

I went to Karen as I had trouble sleeping, she was able to use iridology to read my eyes to see where my body had deficiencies and make up herbal medicine to rectify the situation.

Iridology is so non invasive and an amazing way to see into the body. Karen takes a photo of your eyes and then transfers it to her PC where you can see your own eyes magnified. I am now sleeping like a baby thanks to Karen. I highly recommend her confidentially, professionalism and personal approach to help gain better health.

Barbara Smith, The Roving Trainer | Port Macquarie

Hi Karen,
I have got a great result from consulting with you, especially getting off Pariet and staying off. I am doing ok off the herbal medicine, kept the food diary you suggested or a few weeks and I found I need to keep off dairy and wheat.
You are more than welcome to let others know about my breakthrough getting off the Pariet tabs.
Thanks a lot Karen.

Ms N T | Port Macquarie

While seeking out your help was my doing, I do believe that I wouldn't be where I am today without you, your expertise, professionalism, kindness, caring support and assistance.

So I am thanking you, for not only all of your previously mentioned attributes, but for allowing me the time I needed to find the person who I want to be and will continue striving to ensure that she never goes away.

Thank you Karen, you are truly an amazing person.

Ms E F | Port Macquarie

My husband and I have been clients of Karen's for a couple of years now and cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, accuracy as a practitioner and helpful manner. Karen takes her work very seriously and no issue or question is too large or too small for her. None of our little detailed queries are too bothersome and Karen will always seek out the most accurate and up to date information on anything she does not already know or have at her fingertips. Her holistic approach does not exclude working with our other medical results to gain insight or align treatments and every piece of data provided by us is considered when making a new diagnosis or assigning a new treatment - she is very thorough and considers every possibility.
Karen has helped both of us with varying issues related to our environment, lifestyle and diet. We have always found improvements in our health once Karen is 'on the case' and in one situation, where only surgery proved to solve an ongoing mystery condition, I could still say that an altered diet and natural remedies prescribed by Karen contributed to extra resilience during the midst of this health mystery.
Probably the most important reason why we continue to consult with Karen is that she has the most personable, considerate and approachable manner of almost any practitioner we have seen. It is nice to know that we are treated as people, rather than a set of symptoms, and respected as managers of our own health. Karen really does care and we feel like she actually knows us. This relationship is invaluable to us, even as we use technology to bridge the geographical barrier, as health professionals like that are simply too hard to find! We can thoroughly recommend her as a natural health practitioner.

Sarah & Micah | Sunshine Coast, QLD

I saw Karen for a skin condition I had suffered with for a number of years. I’ve finished the treatment she gave me but am sticking with the nutritional change. My skin condition is really good and has been great for weeks now. In fact, the rash that I get on other parts of my body has gone as well. I’m sleeping a lot better now and don’t suffer the insomnia that I used to; at least not as much as I used to and it’s now manageable. So, things are going really well. Karen fixed my problem and I’m very grateful for that.”

Mrs H. | Port Macquarie

I went to see Karen after having issues with my health. With the recommendations and supplements she suggested for me I have had a complete turn around in a matter of weeks. I have lost weight without really trying, my "inner" health is the best it has been in years and my energy levels are returning to normal (from having none at all). Karen actually asked questions about my health, lifestyle, diet etc and worked on fixing the problems within, rather than just giving me supplements that did nothing (as had been done previously by my GP). I have suffered from IBS for almost 20 years and with the minimal changes I have now made to my diet the IBS symptoms have almost been completely eliminated. I have and will continue to recommend Karen to friends, family and clients in the future.

Natasha | Port Macquarie, NSW

I'm currently studying Naturopathic Nutrition and part of my course involves sitting in with a Naturopath during their patient consultations to learn from what they do. I was lucky enough to find someone who is not only passionate about helping people but also enthusiastic when it comes to teaching their profession - Karen. I've seen her successfully help a variety of clients, each having different complaints, as well as those who would like to maintain their good health and feel the best they can. I always leave the clinic feeling happy and motivated from witnessing all of this. Karen is also extremely thorough, honest, knowledgeable and remains up to date with current research and treatment. So if you're looking for a natural alternative to treat your problems and enhance your health then I can highly recommend Karen. She is a genuinely caring person that just wants to help people!

Kirsty Peltz | Port Macquarie, NSW

When I went to my first consultation with Karen I had been taking Nexium for about 3 years for Gastritis. During this time the Nexium relieved the acid burning my Oesophagus and throat but I still had bad pain and discomfort after eating. Karen’s understanding of my problem and prescribing the correct medicines have helped me to correct the problem to where I can eat my favourite foods and drinks without any discomfort. Under Karen's care I was back to good health in 4 months, after 3 years of pain.

Mick | Port Macquarie, NSW

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping me with my healthy eating. I take supplements now to replace what I am missing from my foods, eat so much more fruit and veg, am hardly ever hungry and have lost 4kgs! Sometimes I still slip up but even with that, I am trying to have 'healthier' things than before. So thank you!!! I have learnt my lesson!!

Paula S | Teacher